General Information

Details of next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Thursday 26 May 2022 at 7pm at The Rockingham Arms, Towton.  This will be the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Council Meeting.  The agenda will be posted the week prior to the meeting.  Look forward to seeing you there. Georgina, Clerk to the Council.

Purchase of Land on West Milford Lane

Thanks to the generosity of local residents in providing short term finance the Parish Council were able to purchase the plot of land on behalf of the whole community.  

The next steps are:

·         We have paid the deposit and have appointed a solicitor to have the land transferred to the Parish Council.

·       Our solicitor is requesting the rubble on the land is removed so the plot is restored to the condition it was when put up for auction and sold to the PC

·         Arrange a Parish wide poll to seek the support of parishioners to

o   apply for a Public Works Loans Board loan over 50 years to repay those who contributed to the purchase.

o   agree that the Parish Council precept be increased to cover the loan repayments, which will mean a modest increase in Council Tax.

·         Apply to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for permission to apply for a Public Works Loans Board loan.

·         Apply to the Public Works Loans Board for a loan over 50 years to repay residents so the land is fully owned by the Parish Council.

·         Create a community group (and Parish Council Sub Committee) to develop plans to secure and develop the plot for the community and research

         funding opportunities.

·         Enjoy the community land and the opportunity it provides to stimulate wider community engagement among all parishioners.


A162 Main Street, Towton Road Safety project

A Parish Council Sub-Committee has been working hard to identify the best way to enhance safety on the A162 Main Street, through Towton, using the funding obtained from the Fire, Police and Crime Commissioner’s office.

Measures will include a new flashing 30mph sign, repeat signs on lamp-posts and other street furniture to encourage drivers to keep to the speed limit. Work will start in Spring 2021.

Selby District Council - Local Plan Consultation

Selby District Council is asking people to get involved in ambitious long-term plans about new homes, business growth and local services such as schools. It’s part of the development of a new Local Plan. This will set a framework for future development in the district up to 2040.  It’ll be used by the Council to guide decisions on planning applications and to support work with developers.

The consultation is taking place now, until 12 March. Residents, businesses and community groups can get involved by visiting Following the consultation exercise the comments received will inform the final version of the plan which will be subject to further consultation before it is sent to the Secretary of State when it will be subject to examination by an independent inspector.

Police and council officers are working together to tackle selfish fly-tippers, after a recent increase in tyre fly-tipping in the area.
Members of the public are being urged to support the authorities by reporting fly-tipping offences, so that those responsible can be identified and stopped.
There has been an increase in large-scale tyre tips in the Selby district – with around 2,000 tyres dumped in more than 35 separate incidents in the last 12 months alone.
PCSO Caroline Saville, of North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce, said: “Fly-tipping is a source of pollution, a potential danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife. It also undermines legitimate waste businesses who operate within the law.
“We are increasing patrols to target known hot-spots, and working closely with landowners and our colleagues at Selby District Council, to tackle this issue. Offenders should know that this crime will not be tolerated.”
Cllr Chris Pearson, Lead Member for Housing, Health and Culture at Selby District Council, said: “Fly-tipping is a selfish crime that blights our local environment and spoils our enjoyment of our countryside. The culprits show a blatant disregard for the local community and environment.
“No one wants to see rubbish dumped – it is a potential danger to both public health and wildlife. Clearing up fly-tipping costs both private landowners and councils a lot of money each year.
“We’ve seen lots of instances of tyres being dumped in our district recently and we’re committed to working closely with the police and landowners to tackle the issue. We need members of the public to help too – if you find or witness fly-tipping, wherever it is, record as many details as you can without disturbing any potential evidence (noting the date, time and location with a photograph) and report it to us. This helps us take action against those responsible and stop them fly-tipping in the future.”
Find out how to report fly-tipping in your area at You can also report it directly to Selby District Council using this online form:



Towton Community Volunteer Group (for residents of Towton)

In these difficult times we are aware that some of our friends and neighbours may be unable to get essential supplies such as food and medicines. We hope this leaflet gets into every house to provide both information and signposting for all Towtonians.

Several of us have come together to offer our help. In line with Government guidance, this will be on a strictly no-contact basis and supplies will be left at your door. All volunteers live in the village, are fit and well as far as they are aware, and not self-isolating. Businesses who have offered help via the Facebook page to source some food items, are also included on the list.

If you would like our help, please contact one of the people on the list overleaf. It is organised by location, but you are of course free to contact anyone on the list.

If you are aware of a neighbour, who would like our help but is unable to contact us themselves, please let us know and we will get in touch with them.

If you are fit and well and would like to join the volunteer group, please contact Alison or Sue (details overleaf). The volunteer list will also be posted on the Towton Community Group Facebook page and maintained on there to keep it current.

If you have access to the internet but are not on Facebook, may we suggest you consider setting up an account and join the Towton Community Group Facebook group as there is a wealth of useful and current local information on it.

The Close

Julie Broadhead

07837 421956

Kerry Harper

07949 299399

Louise Horsley

07939 208536

Mary Kiernan

07944 004721

Main Street

Michael & Toni Tait

07710 490906

Helen Speight

07388 923417

David Wheeler

07871 103981

Old London Road

Kate and Rich

01937 830115

The Stables

Alison Barnes

07598 126757

Sue and Chris Day

07876 808667

07962 589789

Tanya Matthews

07866 460084

Lucy Walker

Rockingham Court

Vicky Markham

07725 798043

Towton Community Group is registered as part of Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK (


Grimston, Kirkby Wharfe and North Milford

As small, isolated hamlets residents are presumably aware of any neighbours that might be particularly vulnerable or in need of support. If anyone has specific difficulties please contact the Parish Council Clerk, Graham Webb, on 07557 883697 or

Any local groups set up to assist residents can get advice from the Government website at:


General Parish Information:

Our Parish covers the villages of Towton and Kirkby Wharfe and the smaller hamlets of Grimston and North Milford, a rural area on the southern edge of Tadcaster.

Towton, the largest village in the Parish, was the site in 1461 of England's biggest battle, a decisive engagement in the Wars of the Roses. The battlefield and its history are carefully maintained by the Towton Battlefield Society.

As a small Parish Council in a rural parish, we aim to deal simply and openly with the small number of local issues that arise. If you have any queries, then please join us at one of our Parish Council meetings at The Rockingham Arms in Towton.

The Parish Council receives a precept of approximately £2,300 p.a. from Selby District Council, which comes from the Council Tax paid by residents of the Parish. This annual precept has remained the same for over 5 years.  

As we have no village hall or other amenities the Parish Council is very grateful to The Rockingham Arms for allowing our Council Meetings to take place there (when allowed). It is also where we have our village noticeboard located. A second noticeboard is located at Kirkby Wharfe.

If you have any issues or ideas you would like to put to the Parish Council please contact the Clerk or simply attend the next Parish Council Meeting.

The dates of the next meetings should be shown on both the Home Page and the Council page of this website. If for some reason the next meeting date is not available on this website please contact the Clerk (Georgina Ashton, Tel. 01937 557701


Recent news

Information and recent news

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and for the safety of Councillors and the public, Parish Council Meetings will take plave VIRTUALLY (via ZOOM) until further notice. 


Defibrillators: There and now defibrillators in Towton (on outside wall of The Rockingham Arms) and in Kirkby Wharfe (on the wall of The White House - opposite the noticeboard).  

If anyone needs to use the defibrillator for a case of suspected heart attack then BEFORE GOING FOR THE DEFIBRILLATOR DIAL 999 IMMEDIATELY, ask for Ambulance. Tell them you are in Towton and they will tell you the CODE NUMBER OF THE CABINET TO ACCESS THE DEFIBRILLATOR. Take the defibrillator to the patient whilst the emergency response vehicle is on its way.

The  defibrillator is fully automatic. Press the GREEN button and it will give audio instructions as to how to use it. There are pads to stick on the patient's chest which are then connected by cables to the defibrillator.  By using the defibrillator you CAN DO NO HARM to the patient. The defibrillator senses the patient's heart rhythm and WILL ONLY DELIVER A SHOCK IF IT IS NECESSARY.

Follow the audio guidance of the defibrillator until the emergency responder/ambulance arrives.

A full training video can be seen at the manufacturer's (Zoll) website at:


Towton Parish Council website: If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website or feel you could contribute to maintaining communication with the residents of the Parish please contact the Clerk.